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ESD - Would they notice if we weren’t here?
Very often we do things automatically. We don't have a vision of change; we don't think about how our actions will affect our members, the community and the world around us. We just do for the sake of doing. Our first reaction is to fix the immediate problem.
This is what we do in Scouting every day, at all levels. Too often we think only in the short term; we don't identify the cause and effect; we don't really appreciate the value of what we do. Because of this, we are missing out on opportunities. Because we don't evaluate and draw attention to the impact we have, we fail to capitalise on our programmes, our efforts, our leaders, our members, our resources, our ideas, and so on.
To explore this issue, the Adult Resources Core Group of the WOSM - European region has produced this Euro.Scout.Doc aiming to help create an environment where impact assessment is a normal part of what we do – to give ideas on “why”, not “how”.
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