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ESD - Using Scoutings Centenary for Recruitment
Our Centenary is a fantastic opportunity to get involved in exciting programmes and show the world what Scouting is all about. We intend to make the most of this unique year so that we can develop better Scouting for more young people in more communities around the world.
It is also a challenge for us to use the opportunities in 2007 to develop Scouting in our associations. It can be used as a method to achieve our goals and strategy rather than a series of separate events. In addition, your association may have its own Centenary in the year or years shortly following 2007 and this should also be seen as an opportunity for development.
The Adult Resources Core Group has produced a Euro.Scout.Doc on the topic of 'Using Scouting’s Centenary for Adult Recruitment'. It is intended for those people working in National Scout Associations who are looking at ways of using the Centenary in 2007, or their own Centenary beyond 2007, to support adult recruitment efforts, in an effort to meet increased demand from young people. It can be used nationally to help devise recruitment strategies or locally, by adults working in the field.
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