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ESD - Trainspotting
Is there a link between adult training in Scouting and having a better job? If you are employed, have you ever stopped to consider if you have a good job because of the adult training you have undertaken in Scouting? Have you ever wondered if you are more socially active and confident because of the training that you have experienced in Scouting?
If your answers to these questions are ‘I don’t know… I haven’t thought about that’, then it’s time to read this Euro.Scout.Doc on the recognition of training for adults in Scouting. If you read on, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that adult training can provide much more than the skills and qualities to be an effective volunteer.
This Euro.Scout.Doc should help you reflect on the advantages of having your training system recognised by external agencies. It explores current thinking on the topic, the benefits, possible partners and means of implementation. To help, several diverse examples of good practice are provided.
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