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ESD - Rewarding your leaders at camp
The purpose of this Euro.Scout.Doc is to raise awareness of the value of recognising and rewarding leaders and other adults at events like camps or jamborees as well as other large-scale events. It is intended to be used by those people involved in the organisation of such events and who might be considering how to support leaders and other adults involved in their realisation.
The main reason for running events, like big camps or jamborees, is to assist in the delivery of the youth programme. However, the opportunity to recognise and reward leaders and other adults at such events should not be overlooked. These events often involve many months and often years of preparation by adults, who volunteer their time because they believe in our Mission.
The document provides examples from experiences at EuroJam in 2005 and Roverway in 2006, when the European Scout Region had the task of creating a place for recognising and rewarding the many leaders and staff involved in delivering the event to many thousands of young people.
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