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ESD - Looking at Quality in Scouting
Another Scout I know, Paul, left the local Scout troop the other day, after 2 years. He said he did not like doing the same old things over and over again. He was promised exciting activities, challenges and fun, but that is not what he was offered. He mentioned other Scouts feel the same way...
Is Paul any different to Pawel, Paolo, Pavle or many other young people who are leaving our movement? They have expectations, dreams or needs but we fail to meet those - so they leave. In other words, Paul made a decision to exercise his right to say enough is enough. He is in fact just like us. We continually make decisions as to the level of 'service' we receive when we go shopping or out to dinner. As a customer we make judgements all the time and we decide to either use the supplier or not. So why would we be surprised that Paul made the same judgement call. He is a customer and we failed to satisfy his needs.
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